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The MobiCloud Site Diary app is available in iOS, Android, Windows 10* and PC versions.


Accurate and comprehensive site records are essential for establishing facts retrospectively in the case of disputes or other issues requiring investigation, such as health and safety or environmental incidents. An important part of this record is the daily site diary kept by contract engineers.


The Site Diary app was designed to address many of the issues faced with collecting this valuable information on site. Currently the process of completing site diaries and archiving the information is labour intensive, as is the process of retrieving them when necessary. Site diaries are usually hand-written by engineers, reviewed and approved by managers and then scanned and archived. Photographs supporting diary entries are often taken but are stored separately to the documents that refer to them.


It is also currently very hard to ascertain retrospectively when the records were actually made. This is something that can be critical for any documentation that needs to be presented or relied upon in court. Contemporaneous records are the "gold standard" in most legal systems and it is recognised that manual site diaries are often completed at the end of the day or even at the end of the week due to time constraints on the engineer.


The Site Diary application aims to replace the existing manual construction site diaries and to make it much easier and quicker for engineer's to capture and record the relevant information. This allows the information to be more pertinent, detailed and often more contemporaneous to the events being recorded. This makes using site diaries to support or defend claims much easier but importantly also provides much richer and more useful information for process improvement.


The context-aware nature of the MobiCloud platform also allows it to enhance the information recorded. For example the Site Diary app automatically records the GPS location and local weather conditions as part of the entries. 


Challenges with the current paper based process:



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Stop Press 2015 - The app has now been developed into a full commercial product and is available at