Partner Program

If you would like to get involved with MobiCloud, why not consider joining as an Early Adopter or Associate Member? The MobiCloud project is developing a community with the know-how to rapidly deliver complex mobility projects throughout Europe and beyond. You can get early access to the platform and SDK to try out your own solutions


How to Join


To join the Early Adopter or Associate Member programs please contact us.


You can also download a PDF with a summary of the benefits from here.

Who is it aimed at?


Integrators - The MobiCloud solution with APIs is ideally suited to integrators looking for ways to rapidly deliver value for money,  cross platform enterprise mobility solutions for their clients with minimal up-front capital investment. 


Developers - MobiCloud's focus is on creating a developer-friendly, service creation environment which will enable mobile development organisations to focus on delivery of solutions with working business logic, customized with context to their clients.Through the project we are building a community of developers which is developing a market for mobile enterprise workforce applications in industrial sectors such as construction and transportation.


Software Vendors – MobiCloud is intended to facilitate integration with vendors of back end systems such as ERP platforms, CRM systems, work schedulers and other information sources. 


Infrastructure and Service Providers – Whether your infrastructure is connectivity, networking equipment or physical infrastructure and services, we would like to hear from you.


Hardware Vendors - Device manufacturers are welcome to also discuss how MobiCloud consortium member's expertise can support test programs with customers of both rugged, semi-rugged and consumer devices. MobiCloud would welcome the opportunity to investigate new device form factors and mobile appliances.


Expertise - You may wish to join MobiCloud as a partner if you possess expertise in workflow analystics, UI design, project management, are a researcher or expert in mobile devices. 



What are the benefits?


FREE use of the development platform and SDK for System Integrators and Development Partners


UNLIMITED use of the MobiCloud Technology Showroom for demonstrating applications and technology developed during the trial.


You can also use the MobiCloud hosted platform for trials with real users. Commercial use of the platform is currently based on a SaaS model, priced per user per month. 


FREE Training. MobiCloud is conducting a series of 1-2 day training workshops for partner program members on a quarterly basis where partners can learn how to enhance existing applications or develop new applications using the MobiCloud platform. This covers:


• Backend Integration SDK Training

• Mobile Web App SDK Training

• iOS and Android SDK Training


Where required, more detailed training and consultancy can also be provided on a commercial basis.