There have been huge strides in hybrid app development (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and a great example that I would like to highlight is the IQ’s Option Trading application. IQ developed this platform for their binary trader base, and after a couple updates they have made one of the most innovative trading platform in the industry to date.

The app offers traders a very intuitive and simple interface with a variety of options and layouts right at your fingertips. Traders can chose to view their charts in either a line, area, candlestick, or bar format—with the timescale for candlestick and bar charts being able to be viewed in 18 different intervals. There are also a variety of tools that trader could use interactively to create live charts of their own trends.

Taking the app from desktop to the mobile gives users a harmonious and smooth transition; the trading area, screen, and buttons are almost identical to the full website. IQ has spent countless hours making sure that their app performs on all operating devices (iOS, Android) with little to no variances. The developers at IQ have built a reputation on coming up with supreme services for it’s clients.

While IQ started operating mainly in the main European business sectors (UK, Germany, Sweden, etc.), the options app is available in over 175 countries. The company has been also growing interest in the following countries as well: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and India. The process to sign up has been made to be very quick and easy. They also have a demo account option that only needs an email address to sign up! To trade with real money, the minimum deposit is only $10 and the minimum trade starts at just $1, which is extremely competitive with other trading apps in the industry.


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