The COMIT/Fiatech Conference in London was a two-day event held at The Crystal, bringing a total of 150 delegates from across the globe to discuss the use of mobile apps and programs within the construction industry. The Conference had a Mobicloud showcase that was well received by industry professionals and attendees and how prospective apps developed through the Mobicloud Project could benefit the industry immensely.

Martin Wilson, the COO of Appear Networks, kicked it off with a brief overview of the project earlier on in the conference. Later that evening, a longer showcase was given including a small presentation of Site Diary. This exhibition provoked the most interest by delegates, especially ones from the US. There was also a session held on the Mobicloud App Challenge and how it led to some revolutionary ideas and developments.

The Mobicloud Showcase demonstrated to all in attendance at the conference to be a very forward-focused project with proven ability to improve productivity for a variety of different businesses and industries.

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